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About this site

This archival repository contains over 1 million pages of scanned and digitized items pertaining to the history of both the field of genomics and the crucial role that the National Human Genome Research Institute has played in the fields development. It contains the largest single repository of items from the milestone scientific endeavor, the publicly-funded Human Genome Project (1990 - 2003), including the personal collections of key former NHGRI leadership and staff.

An important note for users navigating this site: Although we have captured and preserved digitally all the items contained within this archive, we are only able to make a small portion of those items publicly viewable. Many of the items within this archive contain sensitive information about grant funding processes, as well as patient information and personally identifiable information (PII). The items available digitally through this resource have been carefully vetted so as to avoid any potential issues. Users can however request access to items described within this site and can undergo our established formal process of acquiring said access.

*A special note only for legacy users of this site which already have an existing NDA in place with NHGRI allowing for them and their sponsoring institution to view a larger set of our files: Any files on this site which have a corresponding resource record on NHGRI's Sharepoint Database will include a link as an "External Document" on the Archivesspace resource record allowing them to access the full file through this site. Non-legacy users will be redirected to a form which can be submitted in order to begin the process of acquiring access to said files.